Payment conditions

Payment conditions

We accept PayPal and credit card payments.

To pay by credit card you need to add your account information and payment method to your Catooh account details. Go to 'My Account\Overview\Edit Payment Details' for everything you need.

PayPal can be used for payments of 15 US Dollars upwards. Click on the button [Check out with PayPal] during the shopping process to pay using PayPal.

More information on payment can be found in the Terms of service.

Credit payout

Credit can only be paid out using the PayPal service. In order to receive a payment from us you need to provide an email address. You can subsequently register with PayPal and use the service transfer the credit to your bank account.

You need to have at least 50 US Dollars worth of credit to make a withdrawal.

Further information on PayPal can be found at